Saturday, August 28, 2010

Three Months and Counting

It’s been just over three months since I had my surgery (May 21) and overall I’m doing better than I was six weeks ago.

So let’s review the positive stuff first 

  •  There’s more feeling further down my spine. More on my left side than on my right but nevertheless there’s been progress.
  •  My hind flanks have more mass and my hind legs and feet look better and feel warmer than just a few weeks ago.
  •  I have more feeling in some of the toes of my hind feet.
  •  I can lift my backend up but I can’t yet use my hind legs to support myself.
  • The shaved rectangle on my back has finally grown some fur – winter’s coming.
  •  I have really built up the muscles in my front legs and chest from using my wheelchair.
  • Attitude and demeanour – I’m my own happy puppy. I don’t spend any time worrying about my condition. My dad and mom do that for me. 
  •  I can swim now without a PFD. My swim coach Jacqueline tried me without my PFD a few weeks ago and I haven’t worn one since.
  •  I feel more of the acupuncture needles, it might hurt a bit but at least that means I have feeling there and that’s a very good thing.

And the stuff we’re still working on:

  • Pooping and peeing – my dad and my mom are still looking after this for me. I’m glad my dad can look after me a lot.
  • Time – it might be another 6 or 9 months before we know how much more mobility I’ll be able to regain. There’s certainly been improvements but it’s taken a lot of time and care to have gotten this far.
  • Acupuncture is now once every two weeks because my vet (Janice) feels that I am almost as well off on this schedule as I would be going in to see her weekly. And we might as well save my mom and dad some money so they can spend it on almond butter and treats for me. 
  • Hydrotherapy is still weekly as I really like it. It helps to loosen up the tightness in my chest and I like my swimming coach Jacqueline at Aquapaws . Besides I’ll show signs of walking underwater before I am able to on land.·         I’m still taking Neurotrophin and Neuroplex to help with nerve regeneration.
  • The fur on my front legs has not regrown yet but hopefully it will soon. My dad and mom used to call me a “wookie” because my legs looked like the wookie on Star Wars. Right now they look kind of skinny.

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  1. OMG Sam, do you have arms and chest like Dean Cain from The New Adventures of Superman (with Terry Hatcher as Lois)? Mum is CRAZY about him! You must look really hot now too Sam!

    I like all your improvements and I love the fact that you're still your happy self! As long as you're happy, 6-9 months will fly by (for you) and I know you can do it Sam!! Oh, and yes, let our pawrents do the worrying. Mum thought I had a seizure today and took a video of it, she put it on Youtube and sent it to Auntie Janice. Auntie Janice told mum that she thinks I'm now a "symptom-creator" to try different tactics to get mum's attention. Does Auntie Janice REALLY think I'm smarter than a K-I-T-T-Y or something?

    I get Wookie leggies too Sam, I have a lot of coat and very thick too (well, before Cushings).

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade