Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Day In The Garden

We have a little backyard but it's one of my favorite places. And so on a recent, warm weekend afternoon, we were all in the back, rooting around. 

I'm having a little salad here.

Here's my sister, Tuvia and my other brother, Jetta.

And here's Owen (bug).

What's in here?

Or in here?

Or over there?

Just smells, good smells, of my backyard, my family and my home. I hope that you're all well and happy in yours.  Bye for now, Sam.


  1. We love hanging out in the garden too, Sam. There are so many great smells to discover, right?

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Wow, that looks like fun. I like to sniff things when I go for walkies, too. :)

  3. Sam!
    Sure you all enjoy your garden!
    I wish I had at least a little yard!
    Happy Saturday to all of you!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. and what a lovely day to be in a back yard garden in Vancouver/Richmond-you look very happy - love from Koko-san and Gypsy Rose Lee

  5. Hi Maggie and Mitch, you guys have an awesome garden. And I'm really impressed that your grass looks good too.

    Hi Keisha, sniffing things is what makes walkies so interesting. I'm glad that things are going well for you and your family and D.R. too.

    Hi Lorenza - maybe your mom could build a small square container and grow some grass in it. If not, you could come and visit our yard anytime. Hope it cools off for you.

  6. Hi Carol, Koko-san, Gypsy Rose Lee and H: I hope that everyone is well at your house. I never get to see you guys anymore. Oh well, I'll just have ton get my mom and dad to bring me by.

  7. hey Sam, your yard looks great. we liked seeing that photo of Owen - he is very handsome, like you. Tuvia and Jetta look like nice dogs too. we would love to come give your yard a sniff. we love to sniff every where we go. it's one of the great joys of being a dog.


  8. Hi Sam,
    Thanks for coming over to see us. I love new friends especially one with almost the same problem I have. I have degenerate vertebra's in my cervical spin. I am in a real good spell right now. I am sorry for your problem as I am about mine.
    My sweet Bambi has been gone now 10 days and I am starting to feel a little better. I know she was ready to go. She was almost 14 years old and not a small dog. I miss her awful!! I am going to keep blogging about her, celebrate her and my life together. Please lets be friends.
    xx, Fern

  9. Hi Fern, we can be friends. My dad says that it kind of gets better with time, the sadness part that is. The missing part never really goes away. I'm sorry that your back's not too good either. Mine doesn't hurt, so that's good. But my rear legs don't work right now, so that's not so good. But I do pretty good zooming around in my cart and I've made lots of new friends. So I hope thyat you'll stop by again soon.

  10. Hi Sam!
    We love the pictures!

    WoW! Your yard is full of grass!
    With us, the grass did not last even a week!
    Mom says we are anti-grass, which is why our backyard is a mess! =)
    Have a nice week!

  11. Hi Kaiser, thanks for dropping by. Happy birthday to you.

  12. Hi Sam,
    Thanks for your visit to my blog. I use to walk Bambi just after dark for the last time. Since she has been gone I have walked with Tom once but it is harder to get him to walk at that time b/c we are getting things ready for the next day. Making lunch and snacks. Getting things ready to grab and go tomorrow at 5:30 AM. We have walked together on Saturday Am.
    xx, Fern

  13. Again, I would like to say thanks for your visit to my blog today.
    I wish I had a boat load of pictures of Bambi the years when we were first together but I don't so I will just have to tell you all about the things we did instead of being able to show you!!
    A digital camera has really changed us a lot!!
    xx, Fern

  14. Sam!!! Sorry long time no check in! You are looking great and oh so happy in your yard. It' makes me happy to see you happy. You know, I met your brother the other day, and he told me my face was too lonnnnnng!! I think you liked my face when you saw me right?

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  15. sam..thanks for sharing your backyard and family with us.

    Looks like you had a great time sampling and smelling everything.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  16. You are way up North and I am in Florida. The strawberries have been feeding us since March. In a way I call this our second crop b/c they bloomed and we had fruit and then nothing for a couple of weeks then they bloomed again even more blooms this time and they have been providing fruit in April May and now in June. They are winding down and starting to make babies now!!
    Yesterday we hit a record high of 105 degrees for Tallahassee ever!!! It is really hot!!!
    xx, Fern

  17. Sam I think Palm City is further south than us and it is hot but not as hot as Tally town has been. We have had it 98 or hotter for over two weeks!!!! Hardly no rain and we have fires all around b/c it is so hot and dry!! We live in the woods and when there is fires we worry!!
    xx, Fern

  18. Yes Sam that is a good idea. I could make a applique of Bambi and take her with me all the time. I could make even more than one. Maybe I'll do just that. Thank you for the good idea.
    My Tom was home today and he and I will be together all day tomorrow too. I love the week-ends. Next month we will have been together 29 years.
    xx, Fern