Saturday, January 14, 2012

First Snow Day of 2012

Hey guess what happened last night? It snowed!!!

Here are some more pictures of my day.
Morning walk
Vet appointment

(We took some pics just for Maggie & Mitch's Mom)


  1. Querido e amado Sam...
    Que legal o primeiro dia de neve em 2012, deve ser gostoso brincar na neve, com agasalho claro.
    Eu não conheço a neve, só chuva, e tenho medo...
    Rsrsrss. Um dia quem sabe mamãe me leva pra conhecer a neve ao vivo, espero não ficar com muito medo e gostar e ser corajosa como voce é.
    Ótimo domingo, seu cuida e se agasalhe bem para não ficar doente. Gosto muito de voce e não quero voce com gripe. Tá bom amiguinho "namorado" querido....
    Aus da amiguinha que TE AMA muito do Brasil....


  2. You had a full day!
    Not so sure about that snow.... you know... too cold for me!
    Happy weekend!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Look at all of the palm trees in the snow - even little ones! Vancouver is sure beautiful! You look so handsome in your winter jacket, Sam! Thank you for taking us along on your walk.

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Whoo hoooo.. Sam you got snow! Lucky lucky you. You look snug in your coat but where are your booties? Have you got your snow tyres on?
    What a great walk with all the photos...absolutely splendid.
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  5. You had a very busy day Sam and we bet you were plain tuckered out... The snow looks COLD!

  6. hi Sam, you sure do look happy at your vet's. that's a good boy.

    we love to see those fancy tracks that you make in the snow. all we do is make a mess of it, but your tracks look like art!

    we like the photos of your pretty sky and water where you live. are you in Vancouver? it's very pretty there. we hope maybe we can visit you some day.


    1. Hi B's: We hope that all is well with Baxter's foot. We spend part of our time in Vancouver and the other part in Richmond. Richmond is to Vancouver, as Seattle is to Kirkland. We're not that far up the road from you so there's a good chance that we'll meet one day soon.

  7. Mate you do fantastic donuts with those wheels. Hehe! Deccy x

  8. Belo e querido amigo SAM...
    Passei para te dizer que tem um presente pra voce em meu bloguinho.
    É um PRÊMIO para meus blogs prediletos e é de coração.
    Espero que receba e goste.
    Aus e ótima semana da amiguinha que tem muito amor por voce..


    1. Hi Kippy, thanks for the award. We hope that everything is going well. Thank you for visiting my blog and for all your nice comments. We think that you and your mom are both very beautiful.

  9. Lots of snow down here as well! Darwin had a blast in it!

    1. Hi Brooke and Darwin, was getting a little worried about you guys as we haven't heard from you in several weeks. Hope that you're just taking a little time off.