Monday, March 26, 2012

Sammy's Simple Pleasures 2012 - Making tracks

This was back in January when we got our first snow of 2012.


  1. Careful on that slippery stuff Sam! Does your wheelchair have rear-wheel drive?

  2. Hey Sammy, Cool pics of you in the snow. Looks like you were doing some "donuts" in the snow with your wheels. we like your coat too!!
    thanks for visiting us and for all your helpful info.
    Your furiends
    Ernie and the pack

  3. You did not have the normal amount of snow this year did you??

  4. I hope spring has arrived for good and you have no more snow to look forward to, Sam!

    Love ya lots,

  5. Hey Sam, Thanks for visiting us again! Your Dad is right- I think we do kinda look alike - both of us are handsome dudes!!!
    Your buddy

  6. Yes, Tom and Sam, Zoie and Happy will be happy we are home b/c we will be gone at least 4 hours and probably more time then that!! They are not use to being alone!!

  7. are being a real expert in wheelies!

    Hope you have some sun now..we do! Thanks for the paws up on your frozen yogurt mix...we have requested we try in on your recommendation!

    Have a great day
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  8. Hey there Sammy,
    What a wonderful opportunity to draw pictures in the snow. Hope you are well and that your weather is warmer soon.
    Sending lotsaluv and licks
    MAXMOM, TAMMY, TOBY and KING TOFFEE in South Africa

  9. WE are so pleased Sam!!! We have been eating better each years now for 6 years and the blood work has shown it sever so slowly but this year it made a big jump and we were really seeing the good it has done!!!!!!!

  10. I wish this rain would go away! Im ready for sun!

    Singapore is going to be HOT HOT HOT so I was considering getting a cool coat... so much to think about!

  11. Art work like that should be displayed! Deccy x

  12. Hey Sam, Thanks for visiting and offering to be my "cell mate". That would be a big trip for you. I appreciate all your good thoughts. Heard M say I have to go to the vet again in 6 days for the surgery. Not sure what surgery is butt I don't think I like the sounds of it. butt maybe I will get better so I can play again. Like that!
    your buddy Ernie