Monday, December 30, 2013

A Little Snow In Vancouver

It snowed a few days before Christmas and I wanted to get outside as quickly as possible to lay down fresh tracks before anyone else. I'm sorry for the dark pictures but dad doesn't have a flash on his phone. But you can see how the fresh snow "cakes" around my wheels. Sniff, sniff...smells kind of frozen.

Hey dad, quit throwing snow on me!

Now you can see me.

See all the snow in my neighborhood park

Up here in Vancouver, we have some hummingbirds that stay through the winter. Weird huh Sue? Palm trees and now hummingbirds. You'd think we were in the tropics.

But all the snow melted by Christmas. My sister loves the snow. She jumps around and plays in it. She's looking a little sad here. There's a few patches of snow left in the park. We'll have to wait until the next snowfall.


  1. Is it time for your skis?

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. A little snow????? Dat looks like a lot to me.
    Even though I is not fond of snow it is always kinda sad to sees it go.


  3. Wow - whoever thought that hummers would like the freezing cold! Vancouver is an amazing city!
    We think you need snow tires on your wheelie, Sam!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  4. Hi Sam,

    Us girls just singed up as followers, hope you don't mind. We love making new friends. We saw you have a little red wagon and are transporting to the bash tonight. My brother, Weenie, had his magic bumble bee that he used to fly doggies to all the galas but now that he's at the bridge, we need a ride. We live in Texas. Is that too far for you to come?

    Happy New Year!!

    ♥♥♥Mommy's girls.
    his magic bunble bee

  5. Nothing like snow to play in?gotta love having snow to play in

  6. OMD a Hummingberd and Snow wow.. Have a super happy New Year.. Pop by our Firewek'z.

    Load'z of Hug'z

    Mollie and Alfie

  7. Hey Sam!
    Wow, your snow looks like a lot of fun! I love it! OMD never saw hummers in the winter before. Mine all leave when it gets cold.
    BTW: I think everyone will be lining up for a fun ride in your wagon for the New Year's Eve Bash today! Thanks for giving us all a lift, my furiend.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Party Animal

  8. Just stoppin by to check out the wagon. Happy New Year.

  9. I bet you will have more snow very soon! Hope you have a very happy and healthy 2014!


  10. Hi Sam..... We wanted to get signed in fur SAFE RIDES HOME after the NYE Bash. and THANKS fur doing this fur us.

  11. I think I am parking my car and I wondered when the wagon was going to pass my corner.
    A Very Happy New Year.
    Sweet William The Scot ~ AKA Rockin Wills

  12. Hey Sam!
    Wow, I had to stop back by and thank you for supplying your red wagon and your Dad's power to get us to-and-from today for the big bash! We all really appreciate the safe ride. Be sure to stop by the bar and grab a's almost time for the big midnight countdown and toast. Then you'll be a very busy guy taking everyone home! Thanks again for pawticipating in the bash, my furiend and Happy New Year to you!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Party Animal

  13. Hey Sam tell your Mom I will be sending her an email. You are a great friend. Thank you. We want to wish you a special New Year. Mom tried blogging on her new phone since we still can't keep posting with the laptop...sometimes it let's us post and other times she can't even sign in. That is some beautiful snow and hummers too...are you lucky! The wheels on your cart must make nice designs in the snow
    Ernie Chica Lucas Rosie and our 3 fosters. ..Nala Chico and the baby Tucker. And Barb

  14. Wow...Snow AND hummingbirds!! Sounds like you have had an exciting week!!

    Dory, Jakey, Bilbo & Arty