Friday, September 1, 2017

We Remember Max

Today's the 13th anniversary of my mom and dad's first big Sheltie kid. Max stood much taller than the standard sized Shelties. He was a bit of a recluse, often hiding in the large closet when he was inside the house. He lived a great 15 years with mom and dad. It seems like it was a long time but as we all know, it's never long enough.

We love and miss you Max. We'll have the porch light on for you tonight.


  1. Rest well puppy dog, may we all meet again.

    NukNuk & family

  2. No, it's never long enough. Hugs to your mom and dad♥

  3. Thank you for the beautiful pictures of your Max. One of ghostwriter's little old ladies at the nursing home had a collie named Laddie when she was growing up. She still thinks Laddie is alive and staying with her daughter. We always show her pictures of any doggie that might look like Laddie, and she's always very happy to see them. I'm sure she'll love to see those pictures of Max! What a wonderful pup he must have been!

  4. Max was a very handsome man! It's good to occasionally pay tribute to our departed pups, they shaped who we are and we'll never forget them.

  5. Max was beautiful with so much spirit, spunk, and smarts in his eyes. I am sure your parents miss him so much!

    Thank you for stopping by our blog today! We were so happy to see your comment.