Friday, July 9, 2010


It was another day at the pool for Sam on Friday. Going swimming regularly is part of Sam's therapy to support him in regaining the use of his hind legs. For us and Sam, that means a weekly date at Aqua Paws Hydrotherapy. Today it seemed that his tail was getting more active in the water. And he may be able to bend his knees under water as well.

Since the surgery, Sam has very little muscle tone in his rear legs. If he does regain feeling in the legs, he would not be able to move them much or support himself because of the muscle weakness. Being able to float in the warm water of the pool is beneficial in many ways. It allows him to be supported in a weightless environment. It promotes the use of the legs with less effort. It allows him to relax his other muscles.

For the benefits of hydrotherapy for dogs

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  1. You look like a champ in water Sam!!!

    Love nibbles (to your daddy/mommy toooo),
    Miss Sunshade