Saturday, November 30, 2013

Just me and my wagon

During our photo shoot for this year's Christmas card, our photographer Kathy Lui, ( did some shots of me in my wagon. Anyone interested in coming along for a ride? My dad's pulling :) and we have lots of treats for dogs and cats.

Ah dad, can we go now?

Okay, one more smiley face picture, but that's it.

Ah dad, getting pulling to the front of the house is not exactly the same as let's go for a walk. I think that I see the neighbor's cat. Can we take him along too?

Here kitty, kitty...

Oh rats, he ran off the other way. Let's go catch up with him dad!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tough Decisions

Here we all were - my dad's eating a later Sunday dinner and we're all lying around or chewing the heads off of a stuffie or two. My dad gets up after finishing three chicken thighs and heads downstairs to capture a thought or two that suddenly popped into his head.

While working downstairs my dad hears a chair being moved upstairs so he runs back up and yup, the three chicken bones are gone and Owen's licking his lips. My dad runs over to the trash can - empty!!! He looks at Owen and he's still licking his lips. My dad says some interesting words and calls mom. "Come home, we need to drive the kids to the emergency vet. Owen's eaten my chicken bones."

So mom comes home and we all get put into the truck for a drive out to the emergency vet. Thankfully it's a very quiet night and after some discussion, Owen gets x-rayed. There's a couple of inch long bones and fragments in his tummy. Dad's really worried but Owen seems fine.

So the vet says we could leave things the way they are and we can "just monitor Owen". In fact the vet says, if Owen were his dog, he'd just monitor Owen. The stomach acids would break down the bone but there's also the risk that it might not and bone fragments could puncture Owen's intestines as the material is heading for the exit doors.

The other alternative the doctor explains, is to give Owen an injection of hydrogen peroxide. this will cause Owen to get sick and vomit the contents of his stomach. Of course, (1) you may not get everything out of Owen's tummy and (2) also the danger is that we could damage his esophagus.

My dad thought that getting the material out was more important than to having to wait to see what would happen.

Owen is just fine and happy to be well again. Oh yes, because my dad couldn't tell if the chicken bones were shared with the shelties, they got x-rayed too, I stayed away in another room so I'm fine. After my dad got hit with a really large bill, he was just happy to have Owen back among the group.

What would you have done? Woofs

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Me and my wagon

We did our annual Christmas photo session last weekend with our friend Kathy Lui. Once we have our photos selected, we'll post this year's selection here on my bloggie. My peeps were a little stressed because each time were got ourselves posed in the backyard, Owen would suddenly break and then all he*l would break loose and we'd all run around the yard.

It was kind of funny because my peeps were trying to keep us clean and well least for the Christmas photos.

Anyways, my dad thought that it might be nice to go around and take some photos of me in my wagon. Hi dad, ah the neighbors are looking out their window again. I think that they think we're a little excessive about dog stuff.

Oh well, let's strike up a little pose to give the neighbors something to talk about.

Ah dad, it's kind of claustrophobic in here with the rain shield on.

Ah that's better, nice fresh air.

I can see you dad!

I think it's starting to rain.

That's even better. I might get a little wet but at least I'm in the open.

I can see the neighbors dad. I think that they're hiding behind the curtains.

Yippee...let's go faster dad. We can pick up another dog or two.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Good morning dad

Good morning Dad. Good morning Sam.

I like the sunrise. I do too Dad. It's like a whole new day is beginning all over again. 

Whoa Sam, that's kind of deep for 6:30 AM. Yeah, well I'm kind of a deep dog.

How are those new socks from Mitch and Molly's mom working for you Sam? They're warm and comfy Dad. They reach up past my ankles so they keep my feets extra warm. I like my red socks too.

It was really nice of Mitch and Molly's mom to do that for you Sam. I think so too Dad. Maybe we'll get to meet her one day. Yes Sam, that would be great. Maybe you could get her to eat sushi. Well Sam, we might have to "break her in gently". Maybe cooked stuff first.

Okay. Maybe that would be a good idea although Tuvia has eaten raw fish. Yes but that's different. Oh great, she's posing again. Gee girls, right dad!!!

We meet a lot of them when we're out walking right dad? Yes Sam, but I think that you're the magnet. Maybe so dad, since they never seem to talk to you without me. Must be a character flaw Sam.
I suppose you must be the real charmer in the family Sam. 

Ah Dad, Tuvia's still posing....

We'd better get going Sam or Tuvia will be posing all morning.