Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Look Back At 2011 and A Step Into 2012

Hi everybody, I’d like to close-out the year with a look back to my friend Nemo, 
who among other things, suffered a ruptured disk back in October. 

He underwent surgery and has since made a remarkable recovery that has him walking normally again. In fact, his mom Betty says that “his only issue at this point is some weakness in the back legs (that occurs) when he’s tired and when he squats to do #2’s until he gets himself adjusted". But they’re working on that.

In fact, he’s diligently working hard in his “physio” treatments, giving the technicians and his mom, 110% effort for the full 60 minutes of his session.

Betty, Nemo’s mom is a retired nurse who through the love and support of caring and thoughtful friends, received an early Christmas present of six physiotherapy sessions, enabling Nemo to continue with his treatments through December and into January.

At the end of January, Nemo will likely start swimming to strengthen his back legs even more. Maybe he’ll come swim at Aquapaws, where my friend Sunshade goes and where he’ll meet my friend Bre.

And so, this look back at 2011 by way of Nemo’s situation highlights hope, recovery, generosity, friendship, kindness and love. All good things to go into the New Year with, don’t you think.

I’d also like to wish all my Internet friends well and super-duper good thoughts
to Maggie and Baxter, who need a little extra consideration at the moment. Thank you all for coming by my blog.

Okay 2012, I’m ready, let’s go!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Vancouver Christmas

The day started off pretty good. Here's what it looked like outside at a park near our home.

After our morning walkies we got to "open" our gifts.
 We all got cookies from Cathie, who is one of our dogwalkers ( There were 4 cookies but we ate one before mom and dad could get a picture of them all..oops, but here's three of them.

Then Owen and I got pheasant toys. 

Here's Owen with his pheasant.

Oh boy, let me at mine!

I think I'll nip off its feet first...

Wow, this is Allen's house. No snow but lots of lawn ornaments.

Cool, snowmen lawn lights. Better not pee on them, eh Dad?

Okay it's starting to rain (typical Vancouver weather) so we'd better get going. 
We hope that everyone had a great Christmas and we're looking forward to the New Year.
Bye, everyone.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone

Dad, the sign says that "Santa stops here" but I don't see him. Maybe, we're a little early.

Oh well, to all of our friends, however near or far away. 
We wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Peace.
Love, Sam.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Ornament

This is the Christmas ornament that we recently won - thanks Maggie and Mitch.

No, those are not snow balls hanging off me, it's what's 
left after I destuffed a squeaky toy (sorry for the dark shot ).

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Getting "Prettied-Up" For Christmas

Hi everybody, my mom and dad thought that it was time 
to get "cleaned-up" a bit for Christmas. So here's my "BEFORE" picture.

Here's my "DURING" picture. Ah Audrey, I love you too but you're touching my bum :)

And here's my "AFTER" picture. Can you see the difference?

And here's Owen...

And Jetta

And little Miss Tuvia

Okay, enough fussing around. Let's go for a walk. Bye everybody.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Busy Saturday

First I get my morning walkies in...

Then I have breakfast and then they put me in my kennel because I have to go to see my doctor.

This photo is for Maggie and Mitch's mom - it's a grove of palm trees that we saw on the way to my doctor's.

Here's my doctor Janice. She's also Miss Sunshade's doctor too.

We also brought my brother Owen with us because it's time to get "titers" testing done again. 
Here's a picture of Owen with Kate the technician and Janice. See Owen smile. 
Ha, ha..oops then it was my turn :(

Then we went to my "food store" where they were having a big sale.

I got some treats and then it was off to swimming. I'm getting toweled off.

They're drying me off extra dry because I want to go 
for a walk as soon as I get outside.

It's only 45 degrees outside so I brought my coat.

Then it's time to go home for a nap before afternoon walkies. 
I hope that everyone had a nice Saturday.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Selection of Christmas Photos 2011

My mom and dad received a CD from the photo shoot that we did a few weeks ago and they're now "humming and hawing" about which ones to use for this year's card. So they've asked me to put up four that they're considering to see what you think. So which ones would you choose?

Card #1

Card #2

Card #3

Card #4

Thanks everybody, Merry Christmas :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ready Set Go! Photo Session Fun

We had a photo session to make a group photo for our annual Christmas cards. Jules is the photographer who took the picture of me at the top of the blog.

 In between the shooting, we got to run around and have some fun.  The shoot was held at our agility training centre and some of the equipment was out.  You can see Owen, Tuvia and Jetta running through the tunnel. They were getting too excited and I tried to tell them to calm down.

Yum Yum

Ice Cream with blueberries and pomegranate.  Yummy treat.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

New Laser Treatment

Last week when Dr. Jewell  was here for my chiropractic treatment, I got to try out her new laser machine. It goes much deeper than the little laser that I had before.  Makes a nice warm feeling on my back. Hopefully it helps with the healing.   Owen got to try it too because he got caught in the patio door as it was closing and got a bit of a bruise on his side.

Here are some pictures.  It's Dr. Jewell's husband who is using the machine on me.  My dad's holding my paw.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dogs are special

My mom saw this picture on Facebook and wanted to share. I like it too. Sam