Saturday, July 25, 2015

8 + 1 Photos of Happiness

My friend Pip (, invited me to post 8 photos of happiness. The really tough thing was to choose just 8 photos from the hundreds that my peeps have taken of me. We tried really hard and ended with 9 that we liked, so here's to 8 photos of happiness plus one.

Are you ready to go yet dad?

Looking forward to the day ahead

All "poofy" after the groomers

I feel great, let's go for a walk...

Sunshine on my shoulder :)

Looking over my shoulder

I love you Bree

My dad likes this photo because I'm smiling and the nice flowers in the background

What!!!?? How many days until Christmas? (photo by Kathy Lui).

Monday, July 20, 2015

We Still Remember 2016

My dad says that I have "great uncles in the clouds" and then he gets this far away, sad look. He calls it - his "1,000 yard stare". Sometimes he'll take off his glasses and wipe his eyes, pause a bit and gently touch my head and the underside of my mouth and chin. He's thinking about stuff. I sit with him awhile and then I paw him, come on dad, let's go for a walk.

(My uncle Max passed away on July 20, 2004).

Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Guest Swim Coach

Hi everyone, Erika, who is my usual swim coach is on vacation so Tanisha is my "guest" swim coach.

She's super nice, has a great smile and I've adjusted to her quickly.

She's rubbing my right ear...ooooh that feels good.

This is really nice. I hope that you'll be here next week too.

Saturday, July 11, 2015


My dad said that an accumulation of fur from our towels plugged up the drain and caused water to back up from the kitchen sink and from the washing machine 
after yesterday's rinse cycle. 

We're sorry that it cost so much will you have to get a part-time job because 
we still need our treats ??? :)

ps. I think that the fur was from the Shelties!