Sunday, February 23, 2014

Snow Day In Vancouver

It's snowing today. Yesterday morning it was a bit wet from the rain and mixed snow but overnight it started snowing. I like the snow because it's unique - we don't get very much of it in the city and because I can leave my tire and footprints at the same time to find my way home if I had to, right dad?

Well Sam, I don't know if that's totally true. After all, you're not exactly allowed to be out on your own without me, your mom or someone who we trust, a lot.

Hmmm...that's okay, I like walking with you dad. And of course my friends (the weekday dog walkers) during the week. 

The wind's kicking up a bit dad. Maybe we should get going on our walk.

Okay Sam, let's go and see if we can find a cat. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Where's The Cat?

Hello everyone, I'm sorry that I've been missing since the New year's Eve bash. Both my dad and I had to recover from the long treks all over the place. Whew!!! We even have video of some naughty things that were happening under the canopy :)

Anyhow, since our last post, I've had a second heart ultrasound, 4 months after my first one. My first one back in October confirmed that I had a relatively serious murmur that could be treated with drugs. So I've been on heart medicine that I get twice per day. It seems to have done the trick because the ultrasound technician said that I was all strong and steady and that I didn't have to come back for another ultrasound for a whole year. But my dad said that we're going back in 6 months, just to be safe. I also go for monthly acupuncture treatments and so my vet also listens to my heart, to check how my heart valves are working and stuff. So we have some "checks and balances" in place. This seems to help my dad calm down a bit.

During my absence, I've noticed some strange and odd things in my neighborhood - yeah, yeah - besides the neighbors.

Ah what's that dad????

It's a cat scratching post Sam. 

Do you think that there's a cat under there dad?

So where's the cat dad? I don't know Sam, maybe it moved with its peeps. I hope so dad. I think that too many of our friends have gone to the Bridge. I know Sam. We better get going Sam. The sun's coming out and you need to sniff more poles, right Sam? Yup, more pee on poles.