Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Got Me A New Red Wagon - Yippee

My best friend Debbie, who is one of my caretakers (walkers) has been gently bugging my dad to get me a wagon so that I can still get outside and see the sights while giving my hard-working front legs a bit of a rest.

So guess what - I got a super duper wagon with super gigantic rubber wheels, high sides, a cool blanket to sit on and a "cool coat" to keep me nice and comfortable on warm days. Pretty ducky don't you think?

I've got lots of room so if you'd like to come along for a ride, you're welcome. Giddy-up Debbie!!!

Thanks Dad :)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Let's Take Sam's Picture

So we're out for a late summer afternoon walk, it's a little a warm but my dad's stressing about getting a post up so he says, "Hey Sam, let's get a picture of you posing by the daisy". And I'm thinking, "he's nuts" - a daisy??? It looks like a Chrysanthemum dad.

"Open your eyes Sam, folks would like to see your big brown eyes", says my dad. "Ah ha, dad. How's this?".

"That's good Sam, I think this one's a keeper", says my dad. Does anyone else give their peeps a hard time when it comes to photographs? Hope everyone has a good week.