Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chiropractic treatment for dogs

Dr. Janice Crook, family vet
You've already heard about Sam's regular vet, Dr. Janice Crook, who also gives him acupuncture treatments.

Sam also gets regular chiropractic treatments from Dr. Gail Jewell. All of our dogs have had regular preventative care chiropractic sessions with Dr. Jewell since they were puppies.

We learned with our last dogs, Wupper and Max, that little things go out of whack all the time with them because they run and jump and roll around and play and crash into each other -- regular dog stuff.  Usually it's minor things that come up -- a rib goes out, toes get jammed, a tail gets kinked -- and there is nothing obvious to the casual observer.  And it probably doesn't bother the dog too much but he can't tell us about it anyway.

However, all those little injuries do have a cumulative effect if not taken care of before they become a major injury or condition.  A little pain in one place can cause the dog to compensate by overusing another part of the body, causing stress and strain.  Those little injuries over and over again can lead to premature arthritis and so on.

Because our dogs have had treatments regularly since they were puppies, if there is anything out because of some rough housing (they seem to love jumping on each other) or extra runs at an agility match, it is worked out with minimum treatment.  Usually just Dr. Jewell's examination by running her hands over them pops things back into place.  Plus the dogs love her massages.  They get totally excited when they see her.  We'll have to get video of the neck and shoulder massages -- blissed out bobble head dogs.

With Sam right now, Dr. Jewell's exams and treatments also ensure that Sam's spine is staying straight with nothing unusual showing up.  The gentle massage also helps relax his neck, chest and shoulder muscles because he only uses the front legs for mobility and pulling himself around, with and without his wheels.

Sam won't be seeing Dr Jewell for his visit this month because she and her husband have gone down to Lexington, Kentucky for the World Equestrian Games which run from September 25 to October 10.  They are both members of the Canadian National Equestrian team competing in the Endurance events - that's 100 mile rides.  Sam says that is waaay too far  him to walk.  We wish them luck.

Dr. Gail Jewell with her horse and her dog Casey
Dr. Jewell's website is for more information about chiropractic and the benefits for dogs.

World Equestrian Games

More on Dr. Gail her horses and team

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bring on the Liquid Sunshine

Well, it looks like summer is really over.  That raincoat is sure coming in handy.  Mom and I went on our morning walk yesterday and got pretty drenched.  We got lucky when the sun came out in the afternoon and stayed until the evening and my second walk was much more pleasant.  But last night it rained really hard again.

We had a bit of a break this morning but just before we left, there was some thunder. (I really DON'T like thunder.)  But my mom took me out hoping to do a short walk before the rain started again.  She kept trying to get me to keep walking but I just have to stop to sniff everything.  So we got caught in a thundershower before we got home and were really wet again.  I don't mind being wet though.  Anyway, I'm going swimming today so what the diff?

P.S.  Here are some pictures of our park when the sun came out yesterday.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thanks for the Tripe Treats!!

On Thursday my mom and dad and sister Tuvia and I met Miss Sunshade and her mom at Tuvia's agility class.  It was really cool to finally meet them.

Miss Sunshade's mom brought us a bag of TRIPE TREATS!!   Thank you so much.  They are delicious (and stinky).

Duh,  mom and dad didn't even remember to take a picture of us together.  Well, I guess they are kind of tired after work and can't think of everything.   One time they were taking me to Tuvia's class to visit and they were running a little late getting dinner and then loading my wheels and my crate into the car and getting me in, they drove off and left Tuvia at home!   Ha Ha Ha!  They didn't even notice until they drove down the highway for about 5 minutes.  They had to turn around and go back for her.  We were a little late for class : 0}

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Birthday Presents

Oh boy, we get real birthday presents after all.  Here's Dad teasing us with stuffed buffalos.  He doesn't think they'll last more than 10 minutes!!

Our new toys, one for each of us.

Owen with his toy.
I got mine too.  Oops no more tail on this one.  Hee Hee.
P.S.  You may notice that Owen has more hair than me.  I used to have a lot too.  See the big picture of me on the blog.  My hair just hasn't grown in the way it used to be.  Mom used to call me a Wookie cuz I looked like Chewbacca from Star Wars.  And all the fur on my feet made me look like I had bear paws :)
I guess I will just have to be patient until things get back to normal.

Good night.

Rainy Days and Raincoats

I think that my mom and dad must have been talking to Sunshade's "evil mum" because Owen and I had been anticipating great presents and treats for our sixth birthday...when suddenly, my dad says we got you a surprise and plops a raincoat on me and pulls a hood over my head. The other kids, laughed and laughed...

That is, until mom and dad took out several other packages and voila....everyone has a goofy rain coat.

I'm hoping that they don't get us rubber boots and flashing lights too.