Tuesday, March 20, 2012

YIKES - We're going to the g-r-o-o-m-e-r-s!!!

There's been alot of covered whispering and winking between my mom and dad because they know that I don't like going to the groomers because Audrey has to handle my front legs to trim the furs around my pads and stuff and I am kind of scared of the electric razor and protective of my front legs 'cause they are all I have to swim and walk with. So anyways, they tricked me into going last Saturday, so here's what happened.

The Announcement! Ah we're going to go for a little drive before swimming. To see Audrey actually because you're a little disheveled looking. "Dis-what", I'm a dog, dad! Talk doggie to me instead of using big human words. Anyways, start without me.

I don't think that I need to go. I can see fine. Can you see my eyes? 
Well then, I'm fine. Besides Kirsten says that I look like a "rock star". 

Hey, you're tossing alot of really yummy salmon jerky in front of me to get me up aren't you? 
Well it's not going to work. I can resist...hmmm...that didn't work out quite as well as I had thought!

Here are some "BEFORE" photos

Grrrr...see my teeth dad?

Just a "little" off the top and sides, okay Audrey?

Hind legs

This is very stressful

Sorry for the fuzzy pictures.

Are we done yet?

Whew! It's okay. I love you too Audrey :)

The "after" glamour shots.

So what do you think?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Signs of Spring

It's still pretty cool out there and some snow flakes have appeared too. It even hailed on me the other day.  That I didn't like!
Mom and dad are still dressing in their winter clothes on our walks to keep warm. 

But there are signs of spring that we've been noticing.

Hope it's nice where you are.  Thanks for checking in.  :o}  Sam.

Can you see the rainbow in this one? 

Even saw this furry caterpillar on the sidewalk.

Big puddles!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hair Part 1

When my mom and Dr Janice start calling me a wooly mammoth, it's time for a hair cut.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Yay, another Liebster award

Hi everybody,

The Thuglets nominated me for another Liebster Award. I guess we can be "double-wieners". Thank you. Oh yes, everyone should visit my friends, The Thuglets http://thethugletsworld.blogspot.com/

Everyone we know already has a zillion followers, but we'd like to pass our good wishes to the following friends:

Kippy Marie: http://kippymarrie.blogspot.com/
Fern and Zoie: http://fernreedgmailcom.blogspot.com/
The 5 B's: http://secretschnoodle.blogspot.com/
Keisha: http://skeeple.blogspot.com/
Jaffa: http://jaffadale.blogspot.com/
Blu: http://bluonwheels.blogspot.com/

And I'll leave it up to them as to whether they'd like to pass it on or go play with their humans or with each other. It's the weekend, go play with your humans. I think that I better go to the groomers.