Sunday, April 29, 2012

Finally A Sunny Morning

Hi everyone, this was last week sometime. Mostly it's been partly cloudy, 
raining, partly sunny...sigh, I wish summer and sunny skies would get here sooner.

My dad says that it'll rain again soon....

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Day At The Groomers :(

So my dad says to me, "hey Sam, want to meet some girls?" And because I want to get out of the house and go for a walk, I say "okay". So he loads me into the truck and we end up at the groomers. I already know Audrey and Debbie. I don't like going to the groomers because they have to cut my nails, comb and brush out knots and handle my front legs. And even though my dad is always there petting me, the whole experience is a little frightening for me.

Thank goodness, we're done and I'm safely back in my kennel.

Now it's Owen's turn. (Owen's always kissing the girls).

Jetta's all done here.

Tuvia's not very happy (her ears are flat)

While the other kids went home, I went for my weekly swim. 
Here's me getting toweled off by Bre and my mom. I  already know these women dad.

Maybe we can go for walkies after this and meet some new girls. 
Want to come along Mitch, Deccy and Blu? Bye for now.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Laser and Chiropractic Treatment

My friend Gail, who is a vet with specialized chiropractic skills and her husband Elroy, who handles the laser treatments, stopped by for their monthly visit with us.

I have really long, full ears and dating back to when I was a little puppy, I've had problems with itchiness in my ears. Partly, it's because I have full ears that trap moisture and partly because my brother Owen insists on licking the insides of my ears, which of course puts moisture in there and partly because they get warm and stuff.

I've had various preparations squirted into my ears from the vet, a homeopathy olive oil and garlic preparation (Owen really liked that one), and an ear flush but lately we've been trying out a laser. It's kind of warm and the deep heat seems to relieve most of the itchiness without that icky feeling of stuff running down the insides of your ears that makes me shake my head like in the Exorcist. 

Once Elroy finished "lasering" my ears, it was over 
to my buddy Gail for some adjustments.

A little to the left please...

Yup, that's the spot.

Neck massage.

Checking the other end.

 Shoulders...and we're done :) Bye for now.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Took A Little Break

Hi everybody, I took a little time off because my mom and dad have been kind of busy and because I've been a little "sick". My mom noticed that I had dark pee and so I had to go see Dr. Sue, who works with my regular doctor Janice.

Here I am getting my diagnosis. 

Dr. Sue: Ah so Sam, you have a little infection. We're going to do a culture to see what kind of little "beasties" you have. Okay?

Sam: "Like I have choice, right?"

Dr. Sue: Right now, I think that you have a UTI (urinary tract infection). It's pretty common in dogs who have rear leggies that aren't working and who need to be expressed. We think that you've been fortunate not to have had this until now.

Sam: Hmmmm...

Dr. Sue: We're going to put you on antibiotics for about three weeks. Don't worry, they'll taste great because your dad will probably give you lots and lots of treats. And you can still go for walks, kiss cats and stuff. Just like normal. Sound good?

Sam: Okey, dokey :)

So I'm been doing some walks with my sister. Here we are down by the waterfront.

Hey dad, look there's a...

Tug towing a barge

Okay, let's go somewhere else...

I think there's a bee in here somewhere.

Nice flowers, Spring's finally here. Hi Kippy Marie :)

For Maggie and Mitch's mom (thinking of you).

Sending out good thoughts and strong paws to my friend Ernie, who's recovering from surgery and my friend Blu, who went for a check-up yesterday for his back and leggies. We hope that everything will work out well.

'Bye for now. Love, Sam.