Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gawd, I'm so bored....

It's a sunny day in Vancouver today and I'm stuck indoors waiting to go for my walkies. But my dad's busy and my mom's at work again. Don't peeps know that they need to go out as well?

This is really boring

Come on dad. let's go...

Yippee, it's always better to be outside in the sunshine.

Gee dad, even you look better. Come on let's go and quit texting Miss Sunshade's mom.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A New Pool and A New Swim Coach

Hi everyone, we had to change pools and swim coaches because the owner of my previous pool was going through some operational changes that made it hard to continue.

I miss my "old" swim coach, Bre (on the left).

So my mom and dad decided to try out Waterworkz Paw Spa, where Miss Sunshade had returned to swimming at as well.

Here's me with my new swim coach, Jolena.

Smiley shot :)

Someone's touching my bum!

Action Shot...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Sunny Days Are Followed By Rainy Ones

We had a very nice sunny day up here on Sunday. Can you see my nice brown eyes?

That shadow across my nose is not an eclipse. It's my dad blocking the sun. Silly dad.

But today, it's back to rain again. Brrrr...

Okay dad, you look kind of drippy. Let's head for home. Bye for now.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

So What Have You Been Up To?

Hi everyone, I'm sorry that I've been absent for awhile but I wanted to thank a number of my friends for stopping by my bloggie to say hello and for asking how I've been. Thank you - it's nice to know that someone notices.

My peeps have had lots to deal with. My mom's dad passed away a couple of weeks before Christmas, my dad's been doing alot of work on a house - mostly prepping and painting anything that had a lick of paint on it previously. He even had to cut out all the old grout and redo that too. Yes, he even "sealed it". I think that he likes an office job better. I think that he was hoping Maggie and Mitch's dad would come up to help. But no such luck. Mom's been working 7 days a week and long hours. Her area is undergoing changes and they had to let someone go - something about efficiency and money. And then there's people stuff...but we're okay though. We still have the very nice people who come by to walk us, I'm still swimming but at a different pool and without my friend Bre. We're still getting chiropractic treatments, I'm still getting monthly acupuncture treatments and we're all getting really good food so we're all fine. It's my peeps that are a little tired. But we'll be okay.

So during the time that I've been away, we've had all kinds of different weather. We've had snowy days...

We've had sunny days.

We've had rainy days. Ruins my "Wookie" look, don't you think?

We've had really foggy days. Ah dad, what's that story about the headless horseman? 
Is that really Kirsten's (Peaceful Dog) friend?

We've had cloudy days. Most of the time, we have to wear our coats when we're out. 
But that's okay. There's always something to sniff.

And see.


Thanks for stopping by.