Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hey It's Spring

Finally, it's the first day of spring and the weather was nice for walking.  Here I am posing with some crocuses.

I was swimming earlier and my Mom blow dried me so I wouldn't be too cold on my walk.

Then I noticed a kitty sitting on the curb.  I didn't say hello cuz this one is not that friendly.

Here I am with one of my stuffies - mostly de-stuffed  :o}
It's the possum.  I had it by the tail and Mom went to get the camera to take a picture but when she got back, I wouldn't play with it (ha ha ha).  So she just got the picture of me with the possum lying there.

Here's Owen with his paw on his goose.

Thanks for checking in.  See ya.    Sam

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Come on... Let's keep moving!

This morning..it's raining, it's pouring, it's cold and windy.  But I don't care.  Got to get in my walkies and check out my neighbourhood.  Mom's soaked and not so happy.  The other kids didn't get to go out but the humans know that if I don't get out,  I'm going to be grumpy  :o{

Had my acupuncture appointment yesterday but Dr. Janice decided to try a different kind of treatment.  Something called Moxa??  It was a thing that kind of looked like a cigar that she lit and held it over my back and my feet.  The heat was supposed to help.  It smelled kind of funny too.  I was sort of nervous.  I couldn't even eat my treats!   But then I'm not that crazy about the needles either.  I know they don't really hurt but still gives me the willies.

Leaving to go swimming in about an hour.  Talk to you later.



I sure spend a lot of time waiting for the humans. When are we going to go, DAD??

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nice day for a walk

While waiting for my swim session, I like to walk up and down the block checking out stuff.

Had another good day in the sun today.  Walkies in the morning, then before swimming then again in the afternoon!  I love my walkies.

Had fun with mom in the pool today too.  She is kind of excited that  I'm starting to stretch out my back legs in the water. She says that they were twitching and wiggling when I was sleeping too. I guess I was having a good dream.

Here I am back at home again.  What was that ?  Did I hear a dog outside?

See you next time.

Sam  :o}