Monday, March 30, 2015

My Mom Went Shopping

It's been raining quite a bit recently so my mom went to the store to get us some toys because we get all antsy when there's nothing to do and the peeps just want to stay inside.

Hi there Mr. Frog.

My, my..what nice eyes you have...

Mom!!!! It broke and exploded.

Hey Owen, how are you making out with Mr. Snowman ?'s broken too

Oh, right. Here's your gratuitous "cutey" shot of my sister with her new raincoat. 
Let's go try it out Tuvia.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Springtime Cherry Blossoms

Hey Sam, let's get a photo of you and Tuvia with the nice pink cherry blossoms. 
It'll look really cool Sam. Ya right dad. But you'll have to move over so Tuvia can get into the picture too. 

Tuvia, you're suppose to look into the camera! Dad, I think that I see a squirrel or a cat.

Sam!!! I'm trying to get a shot of you two. Look into the camra and forget about the squirrel.

You don't look too happy Tuvia. My bum's getting wet dad.

Well stand up. Could I get you two to smile? How's that dad? 
Tuvia seems to be squinting and you're looking off Sam. You should look into the camera.

Dad, you're making us nuts. 
Let's go for a walk so that I can flick these little pink spots off my wheels.

Gee humans are so obsessive...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Liebster Award from Sarge

Our friend, Sarge ( gave us a Liebster Award and a nice mention on his blog. We’re thrilled that others would find our blog interesting enough to read. We hope that we’re able to bring a smile to your face most days.

Sarge did ask us to list 11 things that folks may not know about me. It was kind of hard to think of 11 things so we’ll just add to our list from when Aimee ( gave us an award to reduce the amount of heavy thinking :)

1. Before I suffered my injury, I was pretty much a “couch potato”. I liked to lie around quite a bit. In fact, my parents gave me a fancy nickname, “Sir Chesterfield of Valiant”, partly because I used to lie on the couch so much. That all changed during my rehabilitation when I got my wheelchair from Eddie’s Wheels. I love to get out and walk as much as possible. Last Sunday, my dad and I, along with my “boat anchor” sister Tuvia, walked more than 7 miles. Actually we walked from one city into another and my mom had to come by to pick us up with her car. My dad and Tuvia were too tired to go back to where we started from.

2. When I was in the emergency hospital after my disk ruptured. My dad told me that I had suffered a bad “owie” in my back that wasn't due to anything that I had done or that anyone had done to me; he said that the doctors were going to try to help me with surgery but it might “sting” a bit. I said okay let’s do it because I wanted to stay with my family. I told my dad to not worry, that it would be okay whatever happened. We’d figure out everything else as we went along.

3. My current wheelchair is actually my second one. I kind of outgrew my first one because I built up really big muscles.

4. Most of my caregivers are female. Janice (vet), Gail (chiropractor/vet), Lori (laser therapist), Erika (swim coach), Audrey (groomer) and her sister Debbie and Cari (walking buddy). Then there are my former walkers, like Kathy S., Debbie M., Mairin, Cathy T. Oh there’s also Jill (raw food retailer for dogs and cats), my grandmother and my mom.

5. I get brushed and blow dried by Erika after my weekly swim sessions. I like that part of my swim day the best. Erika also gives me chicken before I swim a lap.

6. I don’t like the sound of water splashing around when we’re driving in the rain.

7. I like girls and cats. Not necessarily in that order.

8. I try to avoid having my face photographed. It makes my peeps a little crazy.

9. The wheels on my wheelchair are getting bald so I’ll be getting new tires this year.

10. We’ve been raised on a raw diet - kangaroo and bison (not at the same time) along with raw vegetables and supplements

11. I have an awesome, sturdy and well-padded red wagon that my dad pulls me around in now and then.

Thanks again Sarge. I hope that everyone has a good day.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Break From Unstuffing the Stuffies

My mom makes these great frozen yogurt Kongs. Sometimes she puts a good scoop of almond butter into the kong first, then adds some good, high quality yogurt and puts them into the freezer overnight and viola....frozen kongs for when we need a break from destuffing stuffies. Here's my brother Owen taking a break...

And here's a couple of shots of me. Hope all is well your way. It's about 51 degrees and bright and sunny outside. Let's go for a walk right after I finish my kong dad.