Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring is here...

A few weeks ago, just as the little crocuses were starting to pop their little flowery heads, we got snow.

The heavy wet kind and we thought that the crocuses were "goners".
Hey, are guys okay?

Well my dad went outside and placed a hard plastic dish over top of them and guess what?

Welcome Spring, we've missed you.

Monday, March 3, 2014

My Busy Weekend

Last Friday night, my dad tells me that it's going to be a busy weekend, with lots of stuff to do. So after our usual morning walk, he bundles us all up, and off we go .... the groomers (it's okay, we all like the groomers. This is Audrey)

Then we go home and after a short nappy and a treat or two - I get "Laser Lori", who lasers my legs, ankles, back, ears. The laser promotes healing of tired, sore muscles and stuff. It's significantly cut down on the need for ear ointment to treat my itchy ears. A little to the right please.

Now it's time to take dad for a walk. But it's starting to snow again.

After a bit of a walk, we went home and had dinner and then it was sleepy time.

On Sunday, after our morning walk - it was off to see Erika for my swimming session.

Then back home and after allowing for a little extra drying off time, we went out for another little walk.

We hope that you had a great weekend too. We're a little tired.