Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day in Vancouver

We're out for our Christmas walk. It's kind of chilly and mostly sunny in Vancouver today, which is really good because we're a little tired of all the rain.

Hey Tuvia, look this way. I want to talk a shot with the both of you.

That's better Tuvia. Hey Sam, what's with the "frozen dog" stance?

Dad, hurry up. Take the shot. I think that Sam's doing his "I'm bored silly" stance.

Let's get going but before we do, let's pass the following wish to our friends...

We realize that it's been a challenging year for some of us but we're hopeful that wherever you happen to be in the world today, that you can sit down with family and friends and be at peace with yourself. Merry Christmas and hope for the future. 

Come on Sam, quit staring at the future.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas 2015

We've been "gone" so long that it's almost Christmas.

So here's our 2015 Christmas card. The card has a photo on each side.

Here's the "front" side. Sorry, no snow. It's a dry west coast day.

And here's the flip-side. I'm not sure what happened but maybe my mom or dad said something and we're all off cue.

Our photographer, Kathy Lui shot this year's card as well as the last three year's cards. We really like her patience and her great manner with a camera. You can see more of her work at:

Tuvia: Are we done yet?  I'm hungry...

Jetta Boy



Here's another one of our favorites. While it didn't make it onto this year's card. We like it anyhow because we're all a little unfocused in this family.

Merry Christmas and Peace.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

No Wonder Why Dogs Bite People....

So mom says, "hey kids, it's Hallowe'en" and we need to get you into some cool costumes that'll put a much needed smile on peoples' faces. So we're cool with that, so mom says, "I'll make Minion costumes for the kids". Ah mom, what's a Minion?????

Okay, Tuvia and Jetta, I've got costumes for you...

Grrrrrrr...I don't like this

OMD mom, you better have a huge treat for me for doing this...

I hope that we don't actually have to go outside. People will start pointing at us again.

So Sam, what do you think? Better start passing out the treats to us dad.

Happy Hallowe'en everyone. Furry kids should all stay inside tonight.

Friday, October 23, 2015

We're 11 Years Old Today

Hi there, my mom and dad tell us that we're eleven (billion) years old today. We're not sure about the billion part but we're happy that we are all together. I think that we'll get extra treats today :)

Jetta (Barkey Boy)

Tuvia (Princess)

We hope that everyone has a great day. (Above photos by Kathy Lui)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

We Miss You...

I caught my dad doing the "thousand yard stare" again and his sadden look again. It's been 11 years today that my peeps' first kid Wupper, passed from their care.

Apparently he was a bit opinionated. Dad once told him to only bark at the "ugly people" when he took Wupper out for a drive. Well, he barked a lot.

He liked to chase balls and flying disks at one time. In fact, one of the toughest things my dad had to do was to paint over the "blue" marks on our white walls from the racquet balls that my dad used to throw from one  room to the other in our old house before we moved this summer.

Okay, toss it again...

Mom and dad miss you and your brother Max.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Sam and Owen!!!

We're 11 years old today. My mom and dad are still living out of boxes so they're using photos of us from last year.  The sun's kind of bright dad....

Okay dad, when do we eat?

Gee dad, Owen looks darker. Am I fading because I'm older ?

Friday, September 11, 2015

Meet My Mom

My mom was a rescue dog from Akron, Ohio. Just before her trip to Victoria, BC to meet Gayle and Manfred, she was placed in a kennel with my dad, a black American Cocker Spaniel. My mom, "Toby" was a Affenpinscher/Schnauzer cross. 

She arrived pregnant and gave birth to six pups.

Which pups do you think are Owen and me?

Toby's and pups

Here's a picture of Willy, the one that Gayle and Manfred kept from mom's litter.

Willy - Toby's pup

And here are pictures of myself and Owen.


If you'd like to read about my mom's (Toby) story, here's the link:

Thank you Gayle and Manfred, without you and your family, Owen and I wouldn't be here.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

We're Moving

Hey Sam? Yes dad. Ah we're all going to move to Vancouver and we'll be in an another house...

Are you kidding? No Sam, I'm not. It'll be better though. You won't have to commute each morning in your kennel and we'll be closer to work and you'll get to meet new friends and sniff out new places, kind of like Star Trek.

But, I'll miss my friends, like my black cat buddy...I think the black cat already knows Sam.

Tuvia, what do you think of the "news"?

I think that we'll be just fine Sam. We'll still be together and we still have mom and dad.

Okay dad, we're good. Let's go...

Bye old house :(

Hello "new" house

Good-bye buddy. We'll be back to visit you. 

Thank you to our friends at "All Things Collie" ( for giving us a gentle nudge to post. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Oh Hot Dog, Another Laser Session

Hi there, this is my friend, Lori Clewlow, ("Laser Lori").

She's my laser therapist. Every two weeks, she comes to my house and pretty much, lasers my whole body. I get my big floppy ears lasered to reduce ear inflammation and infections, my chest, legs, paws, back, shoulders to reduce any pain and inflammation and speed tissue healing in those areas.

Many veterinary hospitals are offering this sort of treatment to  their patients. There are multiple clinical studies for both veterinary and human patients that substantiate and prove that laser therapy alleviates both pain and inflammation, reduces swelling and stimulates nerve regeneration and cells involved in tissue repair. Laser therapy has also been used to speed recovery from surgery. The treatments are non-invasive and for most patients, very relaxing and enjoyable.

Laser therapy has been used to treat the following conditions:
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Back pain and injury
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Hot spots
  • Ear infection and inflammation
  • Post-operative wound healing
  • Trauma or injury from such things as sprains, strains, cruciate ligament tears
Check with your vet to see if your furry kid could benefit from laser therapy. It's helped me and my peeps are convinced that it's helped provide me with a lot of extra pain free miles in life.

Hey Sam, how are you doing there? ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Did you fall asleep again during your laser session this morning? Ah just for a second or two :)