Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Safely Transporting You To and From the New Year's Eve Bash

Come on dad, we have to be ready carry some of our friends to and from the NYE bash. Happy New Year. All aboard everyone, we have lots of room.

I have a canopy if you'd like to ride in the back.

And a rain screen so we can keep dry too.

Hop on in. Okay dad, mush...let's go.

Monday, December 30, 2013

A Little Snow In Vancouver

It snowed a few days before Christmas and I wanted to get outside as quickly as possible to lay down fresh tracks before anyone else. I'm sorry for the dark pictures but dad doesn't have a flash on his phone. But you can see how the fresh snow "cakes" around my wheels. Sniff, sniff...smells kind of frozen.

Hey dad, quit throwing snow on me!

Now you can see me.

See all the snow in my neighborhood park

Up here in Vancouver, we have some hummingbirds that stay through the winter. Weird huh Sue? Palm trees and now hummingbirds. You'd think we were in the tropics.

But all the snow melted by Christmas. My sister loves the snow. She jumps around and plays in it. She's looking a little sad here. There's a few patches of snow left in the park. We'll have to wait until the next snowfall.