Sunday, July 4, 2010

Six Weeks After Surgery

Six Weeks After Spinal Surgery

July 3, 2010

Veterinary Acupuncture Day

Sam was in for his weekly acupuncture session with Dr. Crook. She remarked on how perky he seemed and how his personality was more evident. Physically, Dr Crook noted how strong Sam's tail was as he tucked it it tightly under his body. She also noted that Sam seemed to be more aware when she touched his hind end. In addition, there was some indication of improved sensation / resistance in the left leg, although no direct movement yet.

July 4, 2010

Hydrotherapy Swim session # 4

Waiting for our hydrotherapy appointment, we took Sam out for a walk in the grass for a few minutes with a towel supporting his back end. He wanted to race around and sniff as much as he could. We were at the fence surrounding a neighborhood community garden and Sam watched three people working in their gardens and was so interested in exploring his patch of grass, he didn't even notice the cat lazing in the garden.

Sam's friend Kiernan had his swim before us and Sam was excited to greet K and his Mom Rita and friend Mary when they came out.

Both Rita and Jacqueline, Sam's therapist, remarked on how more engaged he seemed.

In the pool room, Sam was animated and eager to explore and look around. He stood patiently while his life vest was fastened and was okay while Jacqueline carried him in to the water. Sam was much more relaxed in the pool today. He settled in the water much quicker and he swam a couple of laps at a time with a floating rest in between for about 4 or 5 circuits. He didn't have the need to come out of the pool during his session. He was content to rest in the pool between swims. While he was swimming only with his front legs, it seemed that he was starting to control the upper part of his tail and hold the tail up a little higher in the water while swimming.

He then had 3 or 4 resistance swims with Jacqueline holding him stationary while he tried to paddle away to see if he would engage more of his back end to try to move against the resistance.

Jacqueline said his tail was starting to slowly move side to side as his rudder. She also felt that Sam was starting to bend his knees a bit and felt him bend them up against her arm when he rested after the resistance swims rather than hanging limply in the water.

All and all a good workout for Sam in a non weight bearing environment and some very positive signs of improvement.

Relaxing at home after a good swim.

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  1. GO Sam GOOOO!!! (hey, you were on MY cushion in Auntie Janice's room! jk!!)

    Jacqueline and mum talk about you all the time, and she gives me weekly updates!

    You really do look happy Sam, but then why wouldn't you be when you have the BESTEST pawrents and crew working along side you.

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade