Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hey It's Spring

Finally, it's the first day of spring and the weather was nice for walking.  Here I am posing with some crocuses.

I was swimming earlier and my Mom blow dried me so I wouldn't be too cold on my walk.

Then I noticed a kitty sitting on the curb.  I didn't say hello cuz this one is not that friendly.

Here I am with one of my stuffies - mostly de-stuffed  :o}
It's the possum.  I had it by the tail and Mom went to get the camera to take a picture but when she got back, I wouldn't play with it (ha ha ha).  So she just got the picture of me with the possum lying there.

Here's Owen with his paw on his goose.

Thanks for checking in.  See ya.    Sam


  1. Hi, Sam!
    Glad you had a nice day for a walkie! Some kitties are not very friendly, right?
    I do the same with my toys. I play with them and when my mom wants to take of picture of that... I just leave it alone! ooops!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. You look so handsome posing with your crocuses, Sam! The weatherman tells us that we're getting 6" of snow today. Mom is hoping he's fibbing!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. hey Sam, we just noticed your license plate on your wheels. that's pretty cool!

    we're glad spring is here too. we need some sunshine. you look very handsome when you are posing next to the spring crocuses.


  4. Hi Lorenza: thank you for your note. Yeah, I think that it's funny that my mom runs off to get the camera and then I stop doing whatever it was that made her run for the camera in the first place. Ha, ha, ha.

    Hi Maggie & Mitch: Six inches of snow!!! Okay, you guys can come here and stay with us. I'll have my dad call Sunshade's mom and we can all go for walkies, sound good?

    Hi B's: Thank you. Sunshade's mom git me that license plate. I've had many, many comments about it :) Peoples like it.

  5. O hai! Ur flowers are very pretty. :) I sorry the cat did not want to say hi. Luv u. :)

  6. Hi Keisha, thank you for the note and for stopping by. I hope that your mom brings you a yummy present from New York.