Monday, September 5, 2011

Last Days of Summer

I had to go to the groomers this weekend because I was really furry and 
my mom was calling me "Chewbacca" again. Here's my cut furs on the ground.

And here's me all groomed and happy to be outside.

And then because it was Labor Day and traditionally the last day of summer vacation, 
my mom and dad took me down to Westminster Quay for walkies. The flowers smelled nice.

I even saw a tugboat pulling logs up the river.

It was kind of warm so I had my "cool coat" on. harbour seals today.

But it was a very nice afternoon.

I hope that everyone had as nice an afternoon as I did. 

I thought of Penny today. Bye for now.


  1. What a fun walkie for you, Sam! You look most handsome with your shorter haircut!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Chewbaca! You arent a Chewbaca! hehehe
    Looks like a fun walk!

  3. Hi Chewbacca, oops I mean Sam, hehehe. We love Star Wars here. Great nickname. You look handsome as ever after your haircut. Thanks for sharing your photos. No worries, and love, Stella

  4. Hi Sam and family,
    All those great pictures are beautiful!!!
    Looks like a wonderful walk!!! Lots of fun!!!
    Tinker is getting spayed tomorrow AM. I may blog about it tomorrow. She will not be as happy tomorrow night as she is tonight. She had a ball running around tonight after dinner.
    It will be a couple of days before she does that again!!!
    Thanks for your visit!!
    xx, Tinker & Fern

  5. hey Sam, you are looking very handsome since getting groomed. it looks like you had a very nice walk. we like going for walkies too.


  6. look such a handsome chappie with your new hair do!

    Looks like you had a lovely walk and day with the family.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  7. Hi Sam!! We were just visiting the 5 B's and thought we'd drop by & say Woof! Looks like you had a VERY fun walk and we like your haircut. M just gave me Ernie a haircut too. I like it when she does it. We like making new friends, so if you'd like to drop by and visit, we'd like that.
    See you again sometime..

  8. Yes poor Tinker!! I haven't heard from the vets yet. I guess I had better get off the computer so they can call me !!!
    xx, Tinker & Fern

  9. Tinker came through her surgery just fine. I guess Tom will be bring her home about 5:30pm I hope with pills to keep her still, other wise she will be jumping around like the puppy she is!!
    xx, Tinker & Fern
    PS Tom got batteries for the camera.

  10. Hi there Sam,
    It's always a nice feeling after a bath and a groom. You certainly look very nice and I am sure you made some really good impressions along that fun walk of yours. I really do admire you - the way you get around.
    Sending lotsaluv from us all