Sunday, March 10, 2013

Where Are Those Pesky Ducks?

We went for a long walk yesterday that included a trip past a drainage ditch where I sometimes see a pair of ducks paddling along in the murky water. I like to bark at them from the little bridge as it's impossible for me to get down to the edge of the ditch because the shoreline is so overgrown with brambles.

Okay, where are you guys?

I don't see any ducks dad.

Nope, they haven't been up on the bridge.

Nope, they're not on the other side of the walkway either.

Okay let's go dad, maybe we can check again later. 
We hope that everyone had a pleasant weekend.


  1. Howdy Sam, how are ya mate. We've caught up on your last few posts. We're very sorry to hear about your mate Taz and send his family our sincere sympathy. He sure did look like you.

    We've had hot hot hot weather here and would LOVE to roll in some frosty grass. Hope you get to bark at those ducks soon. This morning we saw some ducks too but mum quickly put Stella on her lead cause she likes to chase them hehehe. I, on the otherhand, are way too lazy to bother! See ya soon rollin' buddy. No worries, and slobber, Rory and Stella

  2. Wes got SNOW Sammy today, my very own Snow..No ducks will be in our park today, too cold for them I should fink :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. Maybe they flew south for the winter ? We have plenty of them at out lake - you are welcome to scare them anytime :)

  4. We had a pretty good week-end for the circumstances..... Poor Tom tries hard to be not all crabby even tho he feels that way b/c he is so tired of hurting all the time!!!
    He is taking time off from work for a couple of days tomorrow-- I should be glad but he needs much more then a couple of days off!!1 Be thankful for what you can get --right?

  5. The duckies must have been off on a Sunday walk, Sam! We hope you see them next time.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  6. Hmmm....
    I am sure you will see them next time on your walkie!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Duck? We love duck! We want to pet them, honest.

    Thanks for your kind words about Au. We miss our old boy.

  8. Sam, we bet you will see the ducks next time! =)
    Have a nice week!

    Kaiser & Farrusquinho

  9. Sam you keep looking for those ducks they will be there again when you look for them next time. Hope hope hope!!
    Yes a wonderful friend who is in an upper--income bracket!!!

  10. I am sure you hit the nail right on it's head!!! I am sure Circle is remembering her surgery and it is not a fond memory!! She is doing a little LITTLE better today. Not so much hissing going on today!!!

  11. Hi Sam! My name is Cocoa. Stumbled across your blog recently and read your posts with interest. You obviously have very loving caring parents - what I wonder is how they have the time to do all those things with you with 3 other pups! They must be very busy! It's so great to know you're zooming about on your wheels!
    P.S. Psst... I'm a guinea pig. Don't tell! :p

  12. I do like ducks too! 'Cept when they do fly up from 'sides we dock and skerrs me!