Sunday, April 7, 2013

Yikes, I'm Getting Lasered!!!

Hi everyone, I've been getting laser treatments for well over a year now. The treatments are meant to relieve the tightness in my chest, repair some soft tissue damage and help relieve a bit of arthritis in my front legs.

And of course,  there's my chronic itchy ears. My ears are really long and  sometimes moisture gets trapped in there and they get red and itchy. And because my rear legs don't work very well, scratching is not an option so my mom and dad will squirt in Surolan to relieve the redness and  itchiness. 

But the laser is really nice and doesn't leave ointment in my ears. The laser heats things up and kills the bacteria. My friend Gail, who is a registered vet comes once a month and does five areas on my furry body.

Let's do my ears- "Take 1". 
Dr. Gail does both ears, the "outside" flap first.

Let's do my ears - "Take 2".
Then Gail does the inside or "under the flap" and shines the laser down my ear canal.

Then she does my back.

A little to the right please.

Left leg and ankle.

Right leg and ankle.

Feeling fine now, thank you Auntie Gail. See you in a month.


  1. Sam, you were really clever when she worked with your ears, and your face is so lovely - I can see why your people love you so much.

  2. We agree with Helen, you are just the cutest Sam, and you are so good. Have a wonderful Monday xxx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. I know how good the laser treatment is PAWSOME !

  4. Hey Sam!
    Wow, you were such a good patient for the dogtor! I'm impressed. I usually try to bash the dogtor. Gosh, I can see by the look on your face that the ear treatment must feel really good.
    BTW: I totally agree with Helen're a very handsome pooch, my good furiend.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  5. U behave very good at the v-e-t. :)

  6. Gee, that's funny. We could have sworn that we commented on this posting. hummmmmm

    We wanted to let you know that you won the strawberry candle mat! Congratulations! We are just thrilled that you won, Sam!

    Love ya lots
    Mitch and Molly

  7. Hi Sam, we are furiends wiff Mitch and Molly! Congratulations on you big win!! WooHoo!!

    Winston, Chloe, Cecil and Mom Shawn

  8. We came to congratulate you on your win...but also have to tell you how good looking you are! Laser therapy sounds really cool and seems to help you. Good news all around!!!

    Jake and Just Harry

  9. You're a cool dude! Good luck with treatments. -Leo

  10. Wooow!!! That is a lot of treatment you go through Sam!!! You act like you like it?? Is thst right??????

  11. All those massages sound wonderful to us. We came to meet you after reading Mitch and Molly's blog and you look a little like us in some pictures. We're Portuguese Water dogs and some of us are mixes.
    Morgan, Sebastian, the Porties, Syd and Mac

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  13. Your very brave with the lazers ;)


  14. Wow, that's really cool! What a neat technology.

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