Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bunny - Deconstructed

By my brother Owen....(do you know where YOUR stuffie is? Keep them away from Owen!!!)

Owen aka "the stuffie deconstructor"

I help out sometimes too...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

One Lovely Blog Award

Oh, this is so cool. Our friend Aimee, who lives down the street in Oregon, gave us a “one lovely blog award”. We think that’s pretty cool.

She asked if we would mind listing 7 things that folks may not know about me. It was kind of hard to think of 7 things so we’ll just start and see how far we get.

1.    Before I suffered my injury, I was pretty much a “couch potato”. I liked to lie around quite a bit. In fact, my parents gave me a fancy nickname, “Sir Chesterfield of Valiant”, partly because I used to lie on the couch so much. That all changed during my rehabilitation when I got my wheelchair from Eddie’s Wheels. I love to get out and walk as much as possible.

2.    When I was in the emergency hospital after my disk ruptured. My dad told me that I had suffered a bad “owie” in my back that wasn't due to anything that I had done or that anyone had done to me; he said that the doctors were going to try to help me with surgery but it might “sting” a bit. I said okay let’s do it because I wanted to stay with my family. I told my dad to not worry, that it would be okay whatever happened. We’d figure out everything else as we went along.

3.    My current wheelchair is actually my second one. I kind of outgrew my first one because I built up really big muscles.

4.    Most of my caregivers are female. Janice (vet), Gail (chiropractor/vet), Lori (laser therapist), Erika (swim coach), Audrey (groomer) and her sister Debbie, Cari (walking buddy), Kathy (walking buddy), Debbie (previous walking buddy), Mairin (previous walking buddy), Cathy (previous walking buddy), Jill (raw food retailer for dogs and cats), my grandmother and my mom.

5.    I get brushed and blow dried by Erika and Shannon after my weekly swim sessions. I like that part of my swim day the best. Erika also gives me chicken before I swim a lap.

6.    I don’t like the sound of water splashing around when we’re driving in the rain.

7.    I like girls and cats. Not necessarily in that order.

Ta da. Thank you Aimee.