Friday, October 24, 2014

A Day at the Pool

Here I am arriving at my swim center, Waterworkz.

Watch me paddle...

Then Erika carries me back down to the end of the pool so that I can get my chicken treat.

Then I swim back down to the other end of the pool.  
I usually swim the length of the pool an average of 11 times.
My dad claps his hands and walks along the side of the pool, encouraging me. 

A couple of times during my half hour session, Erika "floats" me. Basically, this means she cradles me so all my legs are floating and I'm weightless. It feels pretty nice. 

Ah Erika, are you sleeping?

After a few more swims, Shannon comes in to help Erika.

Then I get my initial toweling off. I like this because I get rubbed all over.

Then its off to the second drying area where I get blow dried and brushed out.

Then I go outside, all dried and fluffy and Erika gives me a little treat and a kiss.

And then it's back in my car kennel for the ride back 
home for a short rest, and then out for a much longer walk. 

And that's what happens every Sunday.