Saturday, July 6, 2019

Mast Cell Tumor Update

This is a bit of an update from Sam's March 28th post. Sam's out at the moment on his afternoon walk with his mom. He's probably at one of the local coffee bars hanging out with his mom and eating his (more than) fair share of a blueberry muffin or banana bread after hitting up treats from the local shops that know him on sight.

We took Sam in for his usual 2-week exam today and things have definitely gotten worse since our March 28th post. The original tumour has increased in size and it is "angrier" looking and not helped in the least by his licking of it yesterday, displacing his bandages and soiling his bedding with blood when it became too much of an aggravation.

The tumour has spread, forming additional bumps along his right front leg and neck. His attentive vet is cautioning that we will need to be "prepared" but we're at a loss for "how".

He seems to still have the need to go for his walks, often insisting where we go, the routes that we'll take and his reluctance to even "turn" for home. He'd just rather be out there walking. Such an attitude for a mobile two-legged dog.

We're not regretful in the least that we opted not to have surgery performed on Sam back in March/April, the inability to even get clean margins given the location of the original tumour would have given the tumour an increased likelihood of it coming back after surgery.

And with Sam's significant cardiac issues and advanced age and other attendant issues, the odds were definitely stacked against him and so we opted then as we have now, on letting him live out his days in the loving care of his family and his friends.

He can still easily bring a stranger to a halt and a smile to their face. That's my boy. I love him more than anything in this world.

Hey, that nice nurse put a little red heart on my bandage 😀

Hand over that muffin mom!!!


  1. Our furbabies have such a special place in our hearts and Sam is such a darling. Sending you lots of luffs and our very best wishes
    and I do hope you scored some of the muffin Sam
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Enjoy every single day to the fullest, Sam. Hugs to your mom and dad♥

  3. Enjoy all the time you have together. ❤ Big hugs to you all.

  4. This is such a hard time. Try to concentrate on the happy thoughts to keep the sad ones at bay. We've been where you are and it's exhausting. Remember that we're here for you if you need us. And give that special boy a big hug from us.

  5. We know exactly how your feel! We've been through it three times, the most recent being Joey dog in July of 2016. We hope Sam can enjoy every day that is left to him. Know that in spite of his handicap, you've given him the fullest life he could possibly have. Sending lots of hugs and cocker spaniel kisses.

    1. We remember Joey dog. Thank you. Chester is a good boy too.

  6. Enjoy woooos time, it is never ever enough. Love an wooos to our little buddy. Stay strong Sam,

    Nuk & family.

  7. Dear Sam...Chester just posted on the POTP contact form that you could use lots of prayers.
    I have posted for you here
    I my prayer is for many many days of quality time with your loving family. Thankful our furries recognize QUALITY over quantity better than their owners.
    With hugs Cecilia Mom to Angel Madi

  8. We send you POTP and big hugs at their difficult time. May you find peace.

  9. We read about Sam over at Power of the Paw blog and came by to say how sorry we are. We do hope Sam has many more good days left with you.

  10. We, too were just informed by Chester, of your need for lots of that good POTP and some pawyers as well. So we are all at it here and Pipo our kitty brofur adds aton of his loud meezer purrs.

    You look a cheerful fella, and that is a good comfort to your peeps. That cart that helps you get around is furbulous!

    One day at a time, right?! May there be lots of them to enjoy to the fullest.

    Woofs and Waggles from Dalton & Benji, and purrs from Pipo.

  11. We just read about Sam on the POTP blog and wanted to come right over and purrsonally deliver our purrayers and POTP to sweet Sam and all who love and care for him !

  12. I'm just wondering how good old Sam is doing today. I hope he's still trucking along on his new wheels and making everyone smile. Pease send him our good wishes and POTP from one cocker to another. How is the rest of your family?

  13. Godspeed little mate, go an find RARA, I'm sure you two will be fast friends, with respect,

    Nuk & family


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  15. Sigh. So sorry to hear about Sam :( I just saw your comments on my blog post of 2019 and wanted you to know they blessed me, as Sam’s posts did. I wish you peace. Aimee