Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sam - It's Snowing in Vancouver

Sam, it's snowing and we should head back home before you get too cold.

Dad, I know it's snowing but we just started our walk. I've been stuck in the house 
since my morning walk and I like the snow.

But Sam, you're already starting to walk slowly and I'm worried that the excessive salt and snow and ice melter that people have been using so much of has started to irritate your pads. And you only have your front legs to carry you through life.

I think that it's best that I take you home Sam. 

Dad, I want to stay out. Grrrrrr.....

It's now 5:39 PM and it's still snowing. We've had almost 5 hours of snow and it's still coming down. We have 5 inches of snow outside but the main roads look good. It's the residential side streets that'll be a challenge with snow clogged sidewalks (tough to navigate using a wheelchair) and speeding drivers. Stay safe everyone.



  1. Everyone is getting snow except for me. You are so lucky, Sam! Musher's Secret works great on paws in this kind of weather.

  2. Maybe your dad should just carry you around in the snow!

  3. We like snow too but snoozing in the warm house feels really good on a cold day.

  4. Brrrr....this Princess is still not sure about this snow stuffs.....I try to eat it all so the peeps have to watch I don't make myself poorly by scoffing too much
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. I bet it would be tough for you to walk in the snow. It's been snowing all morning here too; and now we have icy rain falling too. Good thing no one has to go anywhere today. Stay warm Sammy Sam! (Do you have snow tires for you wheelie chair?)