Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Little Help From My Friends

Request for help. Some of you may know Sunshade and her mom Elaine ( Sunshade has not been well because she came down with a mysterious ailment late last Friday evening/Saturday morning and Sunshade was taken to Seattle Veterinary Specialists in Kirkland, WA by her mom. The Seattle clinic thought that Sunshade was suffering from gastroentritis but her usual vet is currently investigating the possibility that it may be something related to Cushings or Addisons. To date, Sunshade's condition has improved after many IVs and antibiotics. Her bloody diarrhea has finally stopped although she still has periodic episodes of vomiting. The Seattle vet bill of  $2500 plus further vet bills for aftercare and treatment back at her usual clinic in Canada have stretched things a bit so I thought that it might be a good idea to stage a bit of a fundraiser to share some of the burden. However, please don't feel obligated, your good thoughts will also be gratefully received, welcomed and forwarded to Elaine and Sunshade. However, if you can manage, a donation would be very much appreciated. Thank you. Sammy.

Sunshade at Seattle Veterinary Specialists

I feel really sick.

Sunshade has a "pee pad" to catch the discharge.

Taking over mom's bed. The pee pad came along too.

If you'd like to leave a comment, please leave it on my blog and I'll send them to Elaine. If you're able to make a donation, , please carefully copy and paste into your browser. This will take you to PayPal. Thank you.


  1. Sam, thank you so much for telling us about Sunshade...I have been concerned as Elaine hasn't posted anything for a while about the Super Sunshade. I just want them to know that they are in my thoughts and prayers...
    Take care,
    Lucy (Troy, Ohio)

  2. We're sending lots of positive vibes and AireZen for sweet Sunshade and Elaine!
    We love you guys♥

    Mitch and Molly

  3. Thank you for alerting blogville to Miss Sunshade's sickies. I am so very worried and momma and I are both thinking of her.


  4. Sam...Thank you for telling us about this. Is it OK if we cross post?


  5. Take care Sunshade--we're pulling for you and your Mom...Karla, Lupe and Clancy

  6. Hairy and Sister send you some AireZen, Big Sheepie!(((hugs)))

  7. Well I came back a post and now I know about poor Sunshade!! I will pray for her and keep her in my thoughts!!! I'll ask Tom if we can make a donation for her. Sue has said she was not well but that was all she said. Healing thoughts to Sunshade!!

  8. Poor Sunshade, sending lots of love.. Wow those vet bills are sure high.. Will will make a donation xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  9. Thank you for keeping us updated about Sunshade. I just made a donation... but I forgot to send healthy wishes their way. Please send our love.

    Christina, Hannah (Airedale) and Maddie (Welsh Terrier)